“I had the pleasure of working directly with Hallie Greene and Jennifer Warren for many years in the mortgage default servicing area of law.  They are two of the most creative women I have ever met! Both have the ability, experience and special gift to rapidly identify and assess issues and successfully implement systems and processes for Attorneys to streamline, effectuate and accurately process work.  I highly recommend and trust them to aid with any firm that strives to implement an improvement within its systems!” -Lisa B. Singer, Esq., of counsel to Lori R. Somekh and Associates and Lisa B. Singer, PLLC

"I give my highest recommendation to Hallie Greene and Jennifer Warren. The two of them can always be counted on to improve processes and make things run smoothly. I have known both of them for twenty years, and I know first-hand how intelligent, devoted and creative they both are. If you are an attorney looking to revitalize your organization, Hallie and Jenifer are the absolute best choice." -Craig Wolfson, Esq., Wolfson and Klein-Wolfson, PLLC

"I offer my recommendation to Hallie Greene and Jennifer Warren. As a servicing manager, I have worked with both of these women in many capacities within the mortgage industry. They both have extensive knowledge in the industry and are well recognized for their default experience including organizational structure, business systems and process improvements. Hallie and Jennifer provide stellar customer service with their ability to be forward thinkers and trusted advisors. Warren Greene Management and Consulting, LLC have my very highest recommendation." -Elizabeth Korgar, Business Process Manager, IBM/Seterus

"Jennifer and Hallie are two of the most professional and courteous individuals that I know.  I have had the pleasure of working with them for over 15 years now in the mortgage default servicing arena.  No matter the issue, Jennifer and Hallie have a solution.  Their work ethic is second to none.  They are always available to take care of their clients’ requests, no matter how early in the morning or how late at night the requests come into their world.  Jennifer and Hallie are extremely positive individuals that never let the “madness” of their day get to them.  They project a contagious positive attitude that is always a pleasure to be around. I have worked with hundreds of individuals in the same role as Jennifer and Hallie over the last 20 years.  You would be hard pressed to find someone of their caliber in this day and age.  If excellence and professionalism is what you are after, you will get that when you work with Jennifer and Hallie." -Robert Michalik, Former Vice President of Foreclosure, Caliber Home Loans

“I found myself in a difficult situation, we were not meeting the expectations of our client. I looked to Jennifer Warren, Hallie Greene and their teams to review our processes and determine where we could make changes. It was not easy, but we were able streamline several steps within the process to improve our SLA’s and meet the expectation of our client. Jennifer & Hallie continuously looked for ways to improve the processes to meet evolving business and client needs. As leaders, their professionalism, caring attitude and dedication to their work and the people that they impact are truly remarkable. I highly recommend Jennifer and Hallie to anyone looking to improve their operational processes."- Bryan Beckler, Former VP Default Management Administration, Seterus

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jenn and Hallie and I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. I hired them as marketing consultants to help brand and market our synagogue to our community. They are professional, flexible and reliable, all very important qualities that are so necessary and appreciated in a marketing company. I highly recommend them and would be happy to share additional information as requested."- Julie Feinman, Executive Director, Temple Chaverim

"As someone who has been in the default servicing industry for more than 20 years, I have encountered individuals with little to no experience up to the senior ranks of management. Throughout those experiences there are a few people who have left a lasting impression. Jennifer Warren and Hallie Greene are two of those individuals. It is without hesitation that I recommend and furthermore, encourage anyone seeking to improve their organization to pursue the experience, knowledge, work ethic and dedication of these individuals." - Stephanie Sevier, Default Lead, Bank of Oklahoma

“I am so glad we made this decision. Warren-Greene Management and Consulting, LLC. takes the time to know what the issues are and help see the problem through to its resolution. They have amazing compliance knowledge in the Default Industry and are wonderful to work with during what is usually a stressful and wearisome time.  We have not doubted our decision for a second in choosing Warren-Greene and are looking forward to a lasting relationship.”-Cecilia Synco Keathley, Director of Operations, Mickel Law Firm, P.A. (AR, MS, TN)

“Hallie and Jennifer have been amazing to work with. Their professionalism, industry knowledge and promptness have allowed our firm to better understand the foreclosure marketplace and plan our growth.”-Harris S. Howard, MBA, Esq., Howard Law Group

“I had the privilege of working with Warren Greene to launch our foreclosure department in New York. Jennifer Warren has a vast knowledge of New York foreclosure law, and understands the intricacies of the practice. She worked hard from start to end, developing training materials, procedures, slides, and integrating CaseAware to New York practice. It was a pleasure working with Jennifer, and we greatly benefited from having her develop our foreclosure system. Hallie Greene has extensive knowledge on the bankruptcy side, and developed our templates and CaseAware integration for bankruptcy.

I highly recommend any firm with a New York practice to work with Warren Greene. Their professionalism and knowledge of New York practice and Case Management technology can assist any firm in being able to develop their systems and launch the practice in an efficient, professional, and thorough manner." - Joseph G. Devine, Jr., Esq., Managing Attorney, Tromberg, Morris and Poulin, PLLC.